Create a free account

As a venue operator it’s free to create an account at

Add a new venue

Start by adding a new venue, title it and choose a template menu

Set your venue location

Set the location for your venue using the map and zip code features

About the app

Create an app experience that’s about you and your business

Home delivery, numbered seats, tables or hotel rooms

Users download the app and this automatically identifies where the user is located and displays the closest venue that is signed up to the Gourmet app service. It even works on moving transport services such as planes, trains and cruise liners.

Users can also navigate to venues further afield but the closest venue always appears first. Includes support for map locations, venues descriptions and so on.

The app operates using a unique checkout style, users place orders for product choices and orders are proceed at checkout using built in payment procedures associated with Apple pay or Google pay. It also supports complex food options used typically for sandwich fillings, and extras used for additions to drinks such as slices of lemon, ice cubes and so on.

Totepay dashboard
gourmet totepay menu creation starters created

Visible Venues: What venues can I see within the app?.

Many venues only choose to show their menu if you are near to or within the venues location. The venue administrator sets this feature in the Dashboard

Venues can choose to be viewed from anywhere in the world such as cruise liners allowing you to view your menu choice prior to arriving on-board. Some venues are only visible if you are in close proximity to the venues order terminal

Setting your venue to Demo allows for testing and presentation tweaks. Where a venue is marked DEMO your card will not be charged and no goods will be provided

About your Gourmet dashboard

Your Dashboard provides a means of managing your menu & products as well as all hardware associated with your venue. This includes:

Set menu photos and description

You can display your menu in the app as a straight forward text list but adding photos automatically changes the way the app displays your menu


By keeping open your dashboard on a laptop you can receive and acknowledge customer orders

ADD more pos hardware

If you choose to add even more hardware at your venue then everything becomes shared across devices


Waiting staff can switch between terminals in an instant, and retain their session exactly as they left it

Join us! It will only take a minute

Start the process of creating your Dashboard!

Three ways to receive your order

As a venue operator you have multiple ways to receive your orders

Order Tab


Using the Gourmet web interface. Open your venue and click the orders tab on the left hand side. Alternatively click here. 

Android app manager

Android App

Download the Gourmet manager Android app on Google Playstore. Select your venue then click the ‘orders’ tab on the left hand side

E-pos system


Use the built in e-POS system in your venue  Select the orders tab on the left hand side. 

This is one of the things we do best

Your menu manager provides a whole host of features but don’t worry if you see something missing – just ‘request a feature’ and submit to our engineers

Choose what features to include

We give you all the options and you simply choose how much information to provide within the app. Come back and change any details at any time!

Allergen and Calorie Info

Help your customers make educated choices with food item purchases.

Availability Info

Restrict the time the item is available to purchase eg. breakfast items only or tickets boarding passes


Make sure you set the exact location for your venue

Location is very important for the ability of apps to know your location. For moving venues such as planes, trains and cruise liners set your location as your head office

Accepting App Orders for home delivery

If you run your own food delivery service simply switch on Delivery and users can place orders for delivery to their home

Determine your charges

Set a cost for the delivery service – leave at zero if the cost is included

Set restrictions

Set a min order value and range. The app will automatically show the veue as in/out of range

set availability

The app automatically enables ordering subject to your service hours


Add Collections to your Venue, quickly and easily, 

Simply add your Day and Time restrictions and your good to go! 

collections screenshot
Merchant Terminal Admin Panel


Accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay & All Cards

Funds are transferred directly to your Gourmet Stripe bank account and does not pass through us or a third party. You’ll need to satisfy all identity verification. Creating a bank account does not cost you any set up charges or ongoing expenses.

Gourmet Stripe Banking Partnership

Millions of companies in over 120 countries use this service to start, run, and scale their businesses and are headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Dublin, London, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, and more. Costs are automatically deducted so you have no extra accountancy work and you do not need to worry about future bills for the service. The partnerships with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and leading banks allow fraud protection data like TC40s, SAFE reports, and early dispute notifications to help identify fraudulent charges before they’re disputed. In virtually all instances we capture fraud attempts at the pre-authorisation stage preventing you from even seeing a fraudulent order instruction.

Our pricing list

Pricing includes all costs including our easy to understand flat-rate card transaction charges – you pay one flat rate regardless of the card type used for payment – all upgrades are performed within the your Dashboard

Pay as you go
$ 0

per month – 4.4% on transactions – no upfront costs

  • 100 Products
  • Ticket Support
  • Free app usage
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Upgrade anytime
$ 39 $ 29 .99

per month (1yr upfront) – 3.4% on transactions
SAVE $120

  • 200 Products
  • Ticket & Telephone Support
  • Free order app
  • Multiple terminal support
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Upgrade anytime
$ 69 $ 49 .99

per month (1yr upfront) – 2.7% on transactions 
SAVE $240

  • 500 Products
  • Ticket & Telephone Support
  • All access app usage
  • Multiple terminal support
  • Moving venue support
  • New feature priority inc restAPI


You have questions. wE have answers.

We know you may have questions but of we’ve missed something then please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

How does that app user know their order has been accepted?

For app orders to succeed an open terminal with venue dashboard is automatically detected. The venue must manually acknowledge the order, this in-turn triggers an app notification confirming acceptance.

The charge is only made when the order has been complete!

Is there an alternative to using say a laptop open to the venue dashboard to accept orders

Yes, we have a series of products that allow venues to accept orders:
1. Use an android device & download the gourmet orders app
2. Use a totepay or pay2go waiter card terminal
3. Use an iMedia point of sale 

How to accept orders on moving locations

You must use pay2go, totepay or imedia terminal. (Our terminals broadcast a location ID that ensures the nearest venue is that being hosted by the termiminal).

What are the supporting currencies

We support virtually all currencies around the world. For a full list see   Supported Currencies – Totepay mPOS Financial Payment Services

Can you create a venue using the mobile app?

Currently you can’t currently create a venue from the mobile app, you will need to login to the website at this point you create a new venue. Make your venue public in the settings or private. If your venue remains private you’ll only see it in the app if you’re logged in using the same account

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