Create a free account

As a venue operator it’s free to create an account at

Add a new venue

Start by adding a new venue, title it and choose a template menu

Set your venue location

Set the location for your venue using the map and zip code features

Brace yourself – you’re about to be amazed !

It sounds to good to be true right? We’re about to show you how you can create an app ordering system for your venue in less than 10 mins – don’t believe us, well you have nothing to lose as sign-up is free and no credit card details are required – we even have email & chat support for you!

Create a free account

To start the process we just need your real-name signup and some basic details about your venue. Normally completed within 4 mins or so!

Location Identification

Set the location of your venue precisely using our map and zip code search tools. For moving venues such as airlines, trains & cruise ships simply set the location you are currently working from (you’ll need to see documentation for ‘Moving Venues’ later on)

Add an item to your menu

Here you can start adding items to your menu list, but if you’re in a hurry and just want to see a result then simply choose a template and it will automatically load a series of menu items with images and descriptions which you can customize at any point in the future

Build your app in 10 mins

Watch our video guide

Watch a brief video guide on getting started with

Give it a go!

We now offer a series of templates that enable you to see your venue appear within the app instantly

Looking good?

Complete the billing section which connects to your existing bank account – – when you set available ordering times customers use their Apple Pay, Google Pay or Credit Card to order your services

A few things we’re great at

Venue operators no longer need to accept high costs for app ordering – see your costs reduce dramatically by using Gourmet Cloud and the


It’s FREE  to list your menu and/or products and there are no commissions or charges added to the customers bill

Reduced Staff Time

No more time spent on the telephone, your kitchen gets the orders directly to their screen!


Receive orders in real-time using your existing laptop or tablet computer which is logged in to your Dashboard

fully upgradeable

Also manage orders using any iMedia ePOS terminal or portable  Totepay mPOS merchant terminals 

zero risk – pre-authorised payments

Orders you receive have already been pre-authorised by the app users card issuer

Reduced Staff Time

No more time spent on the telephone, your kitchen gets the orders directly to their screen!

pay as you go

No upfront costs to get started with our pay as you go pricing 

run tests

Easy on & offline switching means you can run tests before you go live! 

Read more! Get fully up to speed

Client Testimonials

Here’s what people say about our services!

Setting up my menu was pretty straight forward and using the template at the outset gave me the confidence to work on the photos and menu listing, love it!

Michelle Richardson

The quality of this DigiSender is brilliant it beats the old days.

Max Fenton (via

Customer support has been very good

Cliff Peet  (via google reviews)

Try it! Your venue appears in the app

Simply click ‘Enable Venue’ and the next time you start the gourmet app on your mobile your venue automatically appears at the location you have set!

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